Community Investment and Events

We are a part of the local communities in which our projects are located and are committed to contributing to their growth and wellness. One of the ways Cavalier does this is through community investment focused on training, education, and health and wellness—three areas we identified as priorities for both the local community and for Cavalier. We have been privileged to support a variety of events and initiatives in the Wabasca-Desmarais area, and we will continue to support worthwhile initiatives.

Some of the events and initiatives we have supported are:

  • Bigstone Cree Nation Business Expo
  • MD of Opportunity and Bigstone Cree Nation Community Clean-Up
  • Wabasca Career Fair
  • Wabasca and Area Museum Society’s Mad Trappers Carnival
  • Wabasca and Region Sustainable Workforce Initiative Workshop
  • Bigstone Cree Nation Treaty Days
  • MD of Opportunity Trade Show
  • Wabasca Girls’ Day at Mistassiniy School
  • Wabasca Lion's Club Santa's Anonymous
  • Bigstone Cree Nation Education Authority Career Fair
  • Bigstone Cree Nation Employer Engagement Workshop
  • Bigstone Cree Nation Elders Lodge
  • Canada Maple Leafs U11 Hockey Team Trip To Kosyl Cup in Poland
  • Wabasca Regional Victim Services
  • Peekiskwetan "Let's Talk" Agency

Cavalier is an active member of the Atoske Action Group whose main goal is to advance training, eduction and employment oppotunities in the region. The vision of the AAG is:

         "Our people prosper as parnerships provide meaningful training,
             employment and entrepreneurial opportunities and everyone
                            has the skills and ability to access them"


Cavalier is proud to sponsor the Stop Now and Plan (SNAP®) program run by The Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities. The program has been implemented at Oski Pasikoniwew Kamik School and St. Theresa's School in Wabasca.

SNAP for Schools is a whole school approach to keep children in school and out of trouble. It is designed for elementary aged children and seeks to decrease aggressive and bullying behaviour and increase pro-social behaviour.

In January 2014 SNAP was implemented at St. Theresa School with 17 students from the Grade 4 class and with 25 Grade 4 students from Bigstone School participating.

The SNAP program also includes individual befriending and classroom support & parent engagement. Here are a few quotes from SNAP students:

            “I didn’t realize I was using hard thoughts (negative) most of the time until we talked about changing our hard thoughts into cool thoughts (positive). Now I am more aware of it and try to change my way of thinking to be more positive”.

           “I learned that I was a bystander when others were being bullied I use to stand by and watch now I know I was just a bad as the bully for watching and not doing anything to help the victim”.

          “I am more aware of when I need to use my SNAP and when I see others who need to use their SNAP.”


View our photo gallery to see Cavalier employees at work in the community.

If you would like us to participate in your event please contact us:

Cavalier Energy Inc.
Attention: Community Relations
Suite 1700 255 – 5th Ave SW
Calgary Alberta T2P 3G6