Stakeholder Consultation

Our stakeholders are vitally important to us. In each of our projects, Cavalier is committed to:

  • Providing communities and individual stakeholders with accurate and timely information about our project
  • Identifying community and individual stakeholder concerns specific to our project
  • Providing community and individual stakeholders with opportunities and venues to comment on our project
  • Building long-term mutually beneficial relationships within the communities and with stakeholders who are potentially affected by our project
  • Identifying, participating in, and investing in meaningful programs that benefit the quality of life for people living and working in the region

From the inception of the Hoole project, and during the associated exploration work, Cavalier recognizes Bigstone Cree Nation as a key stakeholder. We therefore sought to include Bigstone in all aspects of the project planning and development, and we met with Bigstone Government Industry Relations prior to determining the scope of the project.

In accordance with early direction received from Bigstone, we sought to include Bigstone representatives and the local trappers in a manner that would promote feedback with respect to the design of the Hoole project. Due to early communication efforts, Bigstone was able to participate in a variety of environmental field studies conducted on the Hoole area. Participation in these field studies assisted in identifying environmental considerations associated with the project.